The peoples from ancient are attached to different religions. Every man is incomplete according 

to scale. Mans trying to do good but Evil effects they are interested for Sin affected to their 

goodness. Nowadays the biggest religion is Christianity. Most people gain satisfaction to 

this region. Secondly, people are attached to the Muslim community. Both regions have some 

features that are the same. They believe in ONE GOD.


After Hazrat Isa (A.S) flowers amendment in Christiny region. Now There believe are different from 

starting . Due to the wrong path in some aspects. Some features are excellent.

Muslim Community 

                             All religions with respect preach The Profit are starting to starting time. Baba 

Adam (A.S) is the first Man in the world. He created by Allah. Allah send his Profit in the world 

to preach 

.Last Profit Hazrat Muhammad (A.S). The followers of Islam are called Muslims.After Hazrat 


No require any Profit. Muslims Respect all Profits.