The computer is a great invention of this era. man knows it's using a hundred years before in the shape of an abacus, yes that was the first calculating device

After time passage computers become more and more feasible for man. now approximately all working with computers. in our daily life in every field of life computer is the necessary component .look we work to computer in our offices, shops, bank, hospitals agriculture, and in other institutes and departments. today's life without a computer life seems like dry land. almost, today's life knelt down in front of the computer no dought it's plays very important role in our life.

Role of Computer in modern days
1. Computer is a very important tool in our life. It is one of the best inventions of all
time. In the past, computers just used for adding, subtract, multiply, or
dividing. But day by day it became more advanced. Nowadays, it become a part
of everyone’s life. In our modern days, computers and life go side by side.
Now, we use computers at every place either it is school, office, companies,
software houses or in banks. It is also used in other fields like agriculture,
machinery, designing, or defense systems. It does not waste our time. Life is
easy with a computer. It also provides us a lot of opportunities in every part of the
world. By this, we can touch any person at any place. Computerized cars are
run nowadays and people can work in any other country by just simply touching
or clicking the screen.

2. Computer is like a brain but electronic. People use it not just for study but it now
use in every field in this world. Now work is no more without a computer. As there
are so many uses which are positive but there are also some issues about its use in
our life. Personally, I believe that the use of computer must be limited. I say this
because students copy their assignments from the internet which is not a good
habit. Rather than attempting to manage the task utilizing their insight or data
from course books, they like to utilize the arrangements discovered on the web.
This surely has a negative effect on their advancement in school.

3. As the use of PC expanded it turned into a need for pretty much every field to
utilize PCs for their activities. We use computers to diagnose diseases, run tests, and for finding the cure for deadly diseases. Also, we are able to find a cure for
many diseases because of computers. Regardless of whether it's logical
exploration, space research, or any social examination PCs help in every one of
them. Additionally, we can keep a mind the climate, space, and society. Space
research helped us to investigate the universes. While logical examination has
helped us to find assets and different other valuable assets from the earth.

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