Dairy forms in Pakistan

Dairy forms in Pakistan

Dairy Farming has been proved to be a milestone in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. Dairy Farming has been divided into two sectors first of one is commercial and another one at the governmental level.

Dairy Farming at commercial level is progressive and booming day by day by putting maximum input in Pakistan economy rather than public sector dairy.

There are many big umpires in Pakistan in dairy sector such as Sapphire dairy, Dairy Lac, Mansha dairies and many others which enlightens the name of Pakistan in the field of dairy. Due to these commercial dairy farms and maximum farming at local villages, Level Pakistan become able to sustain its position at 4rth number in milk production.

Dairy farming at our local level and in villages works like a pillar of concrete in the dairy sector. Pakistan has 44.4 million cattle population producing 20 billion  Liter and 37.7 million Buffaloes producing  34 billion liter milk. Pakistan has now imported new and modern techniques and technologies to enhance its milk production. Dairy has very potential if government gives relief to farmers. The present government has also approved many policies to help out the farmer. but still, more hard work and new policies are required to bloom the name of Pakistan. Pakistan government also conducted many expos to smooth the pathway to Progress.