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Sunday, December 06, 2020

English language in Pakistan

English is perceived as a passport to better employment and upward social mobility in Pakistan

. In a society characterized by acute class division and intense class consciousness, parents from the lower, lower-middle, or working strata of society aspire to enroll their children in the English-medium schools.
Public demand for English medium schooling has led to an exponential growth of low-fee schools over the last two decades , one in every three enrolled children at the primary level was studying in a private school . Importantly, behind the rapid spread and intense pursuit of English medium schooling is also a belief that the earlier the child is exposed to the English language, the faster she/he will learn the language. 
Employing a mixed methodology, this study analyzes English-medium policy in low-fee private schools in part of Pakistan. Based on evidence gathered through multiple research tools such as a questionnaire survey, classroom observation and interviews with students, teachers, school principals.

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