Click the ‘down arrow-head’ button on the top right corner of the Facebook menu bar
Click ‘Create Page’ from the drop-down menu
Select type of page e.g.: local business
Enter page name, business category, contact info, and address, etc.
Click ‘Get started’
Page Created

On your ‘homepage’, a text box will appear 
With ‘what in your mind?’ 
Start typing whatever you want to express/convey
Click on ‘POST’ to post 
To attach a Photo/video to the text:
Click on ‘Photo/Video’ beneath the text box
Select photo from folder after pop-up appears, and click ‘open’
After the photo finishes uploading, click ‘POST’ 
To tag your friends on the post:
Click ‘Tag Friends’
Type name of your friend
Select the profile of your friend from the drop-down search result menu

Click on “?” second last option.
Click on “privacy checkup”
Review who will view your posts; to change post privacy click on the button on the left side of the “post”. 
Select between: ‘Friends’ ‘Public’ ‘Friends of Friends’ or ‘Friends Except....’
To learn more click on ‘Learn More’
Click ‘next’
You haven’t logged in to an app at the moment so click ‘Next’
Check privacy of your email and D.O.B in the same way as before; click on the buttons on the right and select one option from ‘friends’ ‘public’ or ‘friends of friends’ or ‘ONLY ME’
To check more, click on ‘my about page’ below or ‘finish’ to end.