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Friday, December 25, 2020

How to open New Page On Facebook

Go to your Facebook page
Click on ‘See more’ from the menu list under the page name 
Select ‘ABOUT’
Edit General Information
Remember to save changes after you finish each of these steps
Edit Business information
Enter Contact Details
Enter info regarding products founding date etc.
Write ‘Our Story’ on the right-hand column to let people know about the journey and inspiration for the business
Click on the ‘Settings’ button on the right-hand side of your ‘Page Toolbar’
Select the type of changes you would like to perform in the page settings for e.g.: General
Click on ‘General’
Click on the concerned setting type from the list that appears for e.g.: Page visibility, Visitor Posts, Messages
Click or Select your option from the pop-up that appears
Click on ‘Save Changes’ after you have completed the desired changes.

Page visibility
Visitor post
Tagging ability
Other tagging this page
Country restrictions
Page restriction

Open Facebook page 
Go to page settings
Select ‘page roles’ from the menu list on the left of the screen
To add a new role,  scroll to ‘Assign a new page role’ 
Type the name of the person to be assigned a role
Select the profile
Select the type of role by clicking the button right next to the text box 
Click on ‘add’ to finalize
To change an existing role,  scroll down further to ‘Existing page roles’
Click ‘Edit’ on the right of the person you want to change the role of
Select the type of role 
Click ‘Save’ to save the changes you made.

Go to your page from your homepage
By clicking on your page’s name under your profile name on the list at the left of your screen
Click Settings at the top of your Page
Click Edit Page in the left column
Below Templates, click Edit  to your present template
Click View  next to the template you can apply
Review the buttons and tabs for your Page and click the button for the new Apply Template
Click OK

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