1) Creating different types of content: educate, entertain, add value and promote 
2) Creating content that does not get old with time will get everlasting shares 
3) Targeting posts with respect to a specific audience: people share more if they relate more 
4) Posting when the users are most active 
5) Posting more links with interesting content 
6) Including other pages in your posts 
7) Using the perfect images 
8) Sharing captivating videos 
9) Using hashtags and tags 
10) Promoting conversations between the followers.

Facebook offers a variety of advertising options for the digital marketer. All these advertisement options are paid in nature. Most common are Boosting and Promoting. Boosting is an advertisement method that is created by allocating advertising budget to a post already on the businesses’ page. Promoting is creating a specialized ad from scratch to be displayed on people’s news feed. Promoting also employs the mechanism of bidding where your price competes for the same target market on Facebook. Apart from the two options Facebook also offers carousel ads for product display, video ads that play within video feeds, and domain ads that land on your website on click.

Promotions = Better target options + More pricing options
Use it to target specifically
Reach people other than your fan base
To make content that requires more involvement

To promote your page
Scroll down the tabs on the left of your page
Click on the “PROMOTE” button in blue
Select How you’d like to promote from the pop-up
Click on ‘Promote Page’ 
Select your preferences and click ‘Promote’

Explanation when to boost 

Boosting helps to increase the reach of your page or post
Limited target options + fixed price
Use when you want to reach your current audience
When you have adequate fans but your posts don’t reach them
Increases comments and likes

To boost your post

Go to your post
Click on the ‘boost post’ button under the post on the right
Select your preferences and payment method
Click the boost button to finalize