Out of the ones shown which ones to show on top of the other?  Edgerank prefers to show posts of people who have the same interests as you, who have more mutual friends, and people you make more interactions with. It also prefers photos and videos above text and newer posts over old ones. In order to ensure your Facebook posts show on top of someone’s news feed, a digital marketer should ensure you have a lot of interactions with the customers. The technical word for such a thing is to improve engagement.

How to run a compaign on Facebook ?

What is the target market?
Feature removed by Facebook ‘Preferred page audience’
Target Audience is now only for ads
Go to the “promote” button, click it
Click promote page
Click on ‘Edit’ beside ‘people you choose through targeting’
Select your preferences

Today we’ll see How to evaluate performance
Go to your page from the homepage
Click on ‘Manage Promotions’ from under the tabs column at the left
Promotion summary for your ads account will be displayed
Click on ‘All promotions’ to check evaluations of your promoted content, from the option on the left.

Click on ‘manage promotions’ from under the tabs on your page’s home screen

Click on ‘create ad’ it will take you to ad manager
Make sure the option of ‘create a new campaign’ is selected on the top or choose ‘use existing’ if you already have one
Use quick creation if you don’t want any details(not recommended)
Select the type of marketing objective
Click on ‘set up ad account’
Check your account info
Click next  or continue
Select your targeting preferences
Click on ‘save this audience’ 
Select your placement and budgeting & schedule; click continue
Select how you want your ad to look under the format settings
Check the mobile app preview and the links to add with the ad
Click confirm