1)In the medical field:

                                 Biology has great importance in the medical field. All the doctors use biology methods to diagnose a certain disease. After diagnosis, to cure diseases is also carried through biology. Actually, we study living organisms in biology. Most of the medicines are provided by plants such as stomach setups etc. When we look at medical tests, tests are also carried by using molecular biology. Doctors have to study anatomy to cure any kind of disease.

2) Agricultural use:

                                   When we talk about Agriculture, various peptides are prepared by using techniques of biology. Biologists check the crops and find the ultimate solution to it. Crops are now given more yield because of biology. If crops give us more yield, it will raise the economic growth of a country. So we can say that biology is also playing an important role in the progress of the country.

3) DNA fingerprinting:

                     It's an important way to find thieves. If we want to save oversee from various people so that they can't deceive us, we may use DNA fingerprinting to visualize various people who are the actual ones that are doing something bad for us.

4) Disadvantages:

Biology has played an important in all fields of life but it has also caused some of the major defects for us. For example, when we use pesticides in our fields, they will destroy the pests which is harmful to nature. Moreover, various cancer-curing chemicals may harm the body.