Islamic laws are universal and as a Muslim, I think there’s no doubt in this statement. All the laws which the Messenger (S.A.W) of ALLAH has told us through the Holy Qur’an and through his lifestyle, which are called ‘Shariah’, ‘Sunnah

Islamic Laws are Universal

Islamic laws are universal in the sense that they can be implemented and applied in every society, culture, religion, race, city, and country; or everywhere in the world. They are not specified for a religion, culture, society, etc. For instance, if we talk about
Human Rights the laws told in Islam are very simple and universal, like if we go 6 months back, you would remember that in the USA a black was cruelly killed by whites because they do not follow the Islamic laws. They are universal and the same for every mankind.

Islamic Laws are Universal

There are some laws or rights in Islam that are very simple and can be easily implemented on any of the society or people of the world, (he or she may be of any color, religion, culture, society, etc.) Now I am quoting some examples: 

  1. The rights/ laws for women (inheritance, education, marriage, and others) are for all the women in the world.

  2. The rights/laws for slaves (kindness, care, fulfilling their necessities, do not beat them) all the slaves are included in this law told by ALLAH.

  3. The rights/laws for children (freedom to take decisions, education)

  4. The rights/laws for animals (no beating, take care of food and sleeping place, etc.)

    Islamic Laws are Universal

So these all rules are very simple and universally acknowledged and can be implemented easily in any society, culture, anywhere in the world.