YouTube is a video-sharing website. These elements include a profile, video search, playlists, subscriptions, and comments & likes. You can upload a video that will have views and organize videos in playlists. YouTube is a necessary tool for a digital marketer as the video format captivates the audience more, YouTube videos experience high traffic, videos go viral more easily and videos have a preference for SEO.

Youtube is replacing TV. People prefer to watch videos on youtube Thus, it is important to know all over the world and in Pakistan. In the world, the most famous YouTube accounts are 
1) PewDiePie: A game review channel 
2) Smosh: a funny video channel
 3) Yuya: A Make-up tutorial channel. Most viral videos include 1) Charlie bit my finger 2) Evolution of Dance 3) Sneezing, Panda Baby. In Pakistan, The channels to focus on for a digital Marketer are 1) Ahmed & Wajeeh: Funny videos 2) Bekaar Films: funny videos 3)Karachi Vynz: Funny videos
 4) Irfan Junejo: Travel and Life vlog
 5) Moroo: Travel and Life vlog.

Understanding YouTube Marketing

YouTube offers a lot of options on its platform for posting Ads. Each video on YouTube is viewed by a person, on each view, an ad is displayed. A marketer pays for each time an ad is displayed. More views on a video more time an ad is shown. Videos are organized into a profile which is called a channel. 
YouTube offers a lot of ad types of which important are: 
Display Ads: shown on top of recommended videos 
Overlay Ads: displayed at the bottom of the video as a banner
Skippable and non-skippable video ads

. People upload their videos, when people watch their videos they could earn by showing an ad on each view. This ad is provided by YouTube you only opt for it to be displayed. To have more views on your videos must be captivating. 
Remember to:
Do what you do best 
Make videos that your audience is interested in 
Make similar videos 
Make a nice video character 
Make high-quality videos 
Make interesting content like stories, humor, instruction, teaching, singing, and vlogging

A lot of video makers earn money on YouTube videos every day. Each time an ad is displayed on your video while it is viewed by a person, you earn a specific amount of money. You should also know that subscriptions affect views (more subscribers equals more views) and to begin earning you would have to become a YouTube partner account holder. 
To increase views:
Make interesting content 
Make content consistently 
Focus on audience comments 
Mention other videos in your famous videos 
Name your video according to the most popular keywords.

In the top right of YouTube, click the Creator Studio.
On the right side, you find out several videos to create a new video.
To view analytics regarding your uploaded video, your subscribers, and much more.

Click on Creator Studio
On the left side click on Channel.
There you will see the Monetization heading
Click on Enable 
At first, you need to reach 10,000 views in total on your channel to monetize your videos.
Then they send an email to your Gmail account.
18 years old to set up AdSense.
For Address verification pin make $10 to verify the accuracy of your account information.