Being a digital marketer usually requires posting engaging content from the client’s social media page to create more followers. There are a few best practices one must remember while dealing with client pages:

Facebook & Instagram

1) Having a clear written understanding of objectives, targets, and expectations
 2) Having an approved style of talking on the page
 3) Always double-checking which profile you are on so that you don’t post wrong content         on the page and 
4) Reviewing past interactions of the business with the customers on the page.


                     Instagram is a social media app that allows people to share their photos online. The social network is made for mobile phones. Instagram has become so relevant for digital marketers due to its massive use by people and its format of sharing photos only (which allows better communication). It is a place where the brand could express its personality. It also has celebrities that have a massive following; marketers can use these celebrities (influencers) to promote their brand. 

Type into the address bar of the browser
Click Go
Go under the “Create an Account” heading
Type in your personal details; Name, mobile/email, Name, Username, Password and Press Create Account
Get Account verified through Gmail or contact info
Account successfully created

                                                                     Right-click on Instagram you will get the option of inspecting (Ctrl + Shift + M) then move your mouse to the top left where you see the toolbar of the toggle device toolbar. Click on it 

Go to your Page Settings on Facebook
Click on the Instagram option from the left menu list
Scroll down to ‘create ads from Facebook’ 
Click on ‘get started’
Create a campaign from ads manager by using detailed creation 
Select objective as ‘reach’
Add your preferences in the audience
Make sure your Instagram profile is attached when you further move to the ad creative option as your final step.

                     Instagram is a great tool for a digital marketer as it is a platform for sharing visual content and allows for more engaging marketing communication. However, there are several challenges that are associated with focusing on Instagram for social media marketing: 
1) Instagram only allows visual content and it’s hard for achieving specific marketing goals 
2) Making content for Instagram takes time as it requires photo editing 
3) Instagram is largely managed on phone which can be difficult for a marketer 
4) You could run out of ideas for visual posts. 

                 In order to reduce the effect of these challenges always remember to have a rigorous content plan that discusses themes, ideas, and colors, be on really good terms with the designer responsible for creating photos for you and become habitual of using your phone for social media management.