Let if we wanted to earn online it is must be a blog.
What is a blog. Blog is a plate form where anyone can be shared his own thinking.

The process of blogging opens the browse and write here blog. Blog website is opened give its title and URL .it is important that your website or blog name will be related to your attitude. for example if you are creating blog according to Islam Take a name according to your topic let Islamic Life , Islam , Islamic prayers  etc.

make a video to your blogging related to your content . By this method you can earn from two plate foirms. One is the blogging and other is the Youtube .Like as I am writing about How to create a Video tutorial From window 10 I also making a video from Window 10 Option by pressing two key board buttons . One is window button ant other is only 'G'. Press them simultaneous as Window + G in same time .

I stared to record video as I am writing same time .