What is Twitter and why to use it?


Twitter is a microblogging social network. Each post can read it, comment on it, or share 

(retweet). Your followers on Twitter get to see your tweets on their news feed. Twitter is famous for official statements from companies and is great for knowing industry discussions. Twitter also has high response rates and also allows for quick service of customers. Lastly, on Twitter all data is public so you could use it to make insights about 



Creating an Account on Twitter

Open browser

Type in www.twitter.com in your address bar

Click on the ‘sign up’ button from the screen

Enter your NAME



Verify your account via phone number or skip

Click on “Let’s go”

Pick the categories you are interested in (Step2/4)

Search for topic if not mentioned above

Click continue

Choose  ‘Gmail  ‘outlook’, or NO THANKS

Follow some of the accounts of your interests that you choose from the previous step; tick or untick to follow/unfollow

Click on “Follow XYZ & Continue” 

Learn to Tweet timely and Effectively


Twitter is a social network where microblogs are tweeted very fast and shared at the same speed. What must you do so that your posts are read by more people and they remember what is said? Some tips that can be used are: 

1) Giving special attention to followers that have their own large following 

2) Experimenting with different kinds of tweets and then using the best 

3) Making viral content 

4) connecting with the audience on an emotional level 

5) creating content that is timely, new in idea, and close to the trending topic.


When a post is shared by a lot of people on social media in a very short period of time we say the post has gone viral. post gets viral because this way more people see your content, post and account both become famous as a result of which, the kind of posts that are most likely to gain virality are:
 1) Posts that ask an interesting question and require the reader to choose from one option 
2) Art showing information (Infographic) 
3) Lists about a captivating topic
 4) how-to posts that solve an interesting problem 
5) top five/ten lists
 6) Retweets of your followers 
7) Motivational posts 8) posts on controversial topics.


Twitter is easily one of the top 5 social media in the world. However, in the field of digital marketing, marketers face the challenge of getting a low response on all twitter efforts. This low response largely exists due to the limited nature of posts, the clutter of posts, and the public nature of all content. To improve the response rate, you should 
1) Focus on creating timely, value providing content that has a captivating headline 
2) Post on weekends and other peak times
3) Utilize trendy hashtags
4) post links often 
5) interact with the followers by retweets and 
6) use Twitter ads.