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Monday, January 11, 2021

The Life after The Death

              Islamic Life is a Universal Truth. All Mans will have died. After death where goes our soul. Every man lives freely in this artificial world. He can do any work that is true or wrong according to nature. But after death, its value will be given to every man /woman. 

                Who are true in this World. This is a touchy question. All religious and not religious peoples say that is true. The biggest truth of the world is the Religious groups' in which Prophets are sent for their success in this world and Second world that is starting after death. This world is the house of the passenger. Every man or woman can not live here for always. Why we can not find our original world Rout.

               we are busy in this world with different works. there is no time for thinking about after-death life. No death permanently but transfer from one place to another place. We love our family and relatives. They also die. What is this? How to live with theirs. Seeking the true paths for all questions?

            A nobleman would be of no value in this modern world. This world is stressful for products. A man's composition is not only matter but also he made by Fire, air, and water. We struggle in this world due to our efforts on the matter the world is rapidly progressing. If we do work on Finding the founder of the world we can gain its creation purpose.

            I believe that life will be started after death. This life will be more and more luxurious or difficult. this life depends upon our present life. Every person can think about daily life works before when he sleeping. he can find our daily good and bad events. A good man in both worlds who helps others for humanity purposes. 

Result: Every person will be entered in the Second World with a key.

This key has very very important. This is only one key .who believe in this key they enter in Luxury Door and who can not believe they entered in Difficult Doors.

For Success key in both Worlds is for All Humanity is accept the Truth.

The Life after The  Death


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